Papers of Thomas J. Scrimenti, 1989-2004

Mr. Scrimenti’s personal papers consist of biographical information, campaign materials, newsletters, press releases, committee work, and House citations issued by Representative Scrimenti. The bulk of the papers consist of an extensive collection of legislative correspondence: a fascinating window, not only into the daily work of Scrimenti as a legislator, but also into the concerns of his constituents. Further, these files present the quantity and variety of topics with which a representative must be acquainted. Some of this correspondence is perennial, other is generated by legislation introduced on the House floor. If the correspondence is heavily concentrated on a specific piece of legislation, that legislation is incorporated into the folder title. This collection also contains a fair amount of information regarding Mr. Scrimenti's legislative district. Researchers interested in Erie County and any of the topics addressed in Mr. Scrimenti's correspondence will find this collection valuable.
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