Papers of Larry O. Sather, 1993-2006

This collection provides a clear picture of Mr. Sather’s legislative work. The first box contains legislation which Mr. Sather introduced or amended. Generally speaking, the files include legislative documents such as the bill, analysis, amendments, etc., correspondence requesting that Mr. Sather continue with his work on a bill or withdraw the bill, and co-sponsorship information. Often, the files also include research on the topic and statements made my Mr. Sather. These files may be a valuable resource for a researcher investigating issues raised in Mr. Sather’s bills. Of particular note is his work on making medical history information accessible to adoptees. Housed in Box 1, Folders 1 and 2, these materials address both sides of this controversial issue and include bill information, correspondence for an against the issue, floor statements, research and press. Issues such as providing for the elderly, supporting veterans and National Guard Members, providing for emergency personnel, obtaining funding for science partnerships and designating English as the official language of the Commonwealth are found throughout the collection, showing not only Mr. Sather’s interests, but also the way in which a representative often re-introduces similar legislation, session after session, making changes and more persuasive arguments for its passage. Researchers interested in Low Emission Vehicles may find Mr. Sather’s files on the Low Emission Vehicle Commission, 1991-1994 to be profoundly interesting. Mr. Sather served on the Commission from 1993-1994 and his papers include minutes, correspondence, statements, press and research as well as the Commission’s final report. Mr. Sather was appointed to the Special Bipartisan Legislative Commission to Develop Legislation to Provide Direct and Indirect Assistance for the Purpose of Improving the Delivery of Emergency Services in the Commonwealth, pursuant to Senate Resolution 60. These files include correspondence, research on previously completed legislation, reports previously issued, minutes, drafts of the Commission’s final report as well as the finished version, the Report to the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Required by Senate Resolution 60. One of the most valuable aspects of these files is that they continue after the final report was issued and include the Communication Package promoting the work of the Commission on Senate Resolution 60, a report by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee and files from a Press Conference, held one year after the Commission’s final report was submitted, to provided an update on legislative accomplishments in fulfillment of Senate Resolution 60 Recommendations. A researcher interested in Mr. Sather or the topics in which he was involved should examine his Oral History Interview, which was conducted on August 28, 2006.
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